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Where will you be picked up from?

Most of the time you and your friends will meet up at a single location and get on-board the bus from there, but we are also able to make multiple pick ups if you prefer, it's your time that you have paid for so we will follow your directions provided it is not a safety hazard.

Where are we taking you?

You may have multiple locations you wish to visit during your night out on the town, or you may just be going to a concert and home. We just need to know the first/main stop , from there you can plan an itinerary or just wing it. If you know you will be out much longer than your agreed upon rental time let us know in advance.

How many passengers will you need to accommodate?

Legally speaking we can only fit so many people per vehicle, it doesn't matter to the state government if you are okay with being a little cramped or sitting on laps. We need to make sure we will be providing you will a vehicle that meets your needs, you will also want to make sure you give yourself a little extra room for the ultimate party accommodations.

What is the date and time you will need service?

Of course the biggest factor in deciding if we will be able to provide you the service you want to by making sure someone else hasn't beaten you to it. Don't worry, even if they have beat you to your absolute favorite vehicle, we have plenty of luxury vehicles that are sure to give you outstanding service for all occasions.